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Dodajala, Bangalore

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Birla Commercial Shettigere offers various commercial activities, which generally include office space, retail space and facilities for commercial operations. This mix caters to a wide range of businesses and services. This property is located in Shettigere, Bangalore, Karnataka. Commercial developments include a mix of different spaces, with corporate office buildings providing space for new businesses, and co-working spaces suitable for startups and freelancers. Commercial project Shettigere can have a variety of businesses under one roof. Retail spaces within the property are designed to attract shoppers and may include storefronts, interior shopping areas, common areas, and parking facilities. This ensures convenience for both retailers and customers. It is good to know that the property is registered under RERA. It provides transparency and legal protection to property buyers and investors.

World-class Amenities:- Birla Shettigere Doddajala provides top-notch amenities to ensure the comfort and convenience of its occupants. These may include state-of-the-art conference facilities, well-designed common areas, high-speed internet connectivity, fitness centers, cafeterias or dining options, and more.

Affluent Location:- The development is situated in a prime and upscale location within Bangalore. For individuals seeking a prime commercial location, the neighborhood will prove to be an excellent investment due to its developed environment and close proximity to important business districts, transportation hubs, and residential areas.

Magnificent Commercial Spaces:- It offers spacious and well-designed commercial spaces that cater to the needs of various businesses. These spaces are typically built with modern architecture and infrastructure, making them suitable for a range of commercial activities.

Abundance of Green Space:- The inclusion of green spaces is becoming increasingly important in urban developments. These green areas can provide a peaceful environment, a spot for relaxing or enjoyment, and they can also improve the property's overall attractiveness. Trees, plants, and sometimes even water features are commonly employed in the beautification of green spaces.

Robust Security:- Security is paramount in any commercial development. Birla Commercial Shettigere Bangalore likely provides robust security measures such as 24/7 surveillance, access control systems, security personnel, and secure parking facilities to ensure the safety of both occupants and their assets.

Sustainable Features:- In today's environmentally conscious world, sustainability is a key consideration. Birla construction probably includes environmentally friendly elements including water-saving technologies, waste management systems, solar panels, and energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems. These characteristics not only reduce the environmental load but also enable owners to save money.

Location Connectivity of Birla Project

National Highway (NH4):- Shettigere is conveniently connected to NH4, also known as Tumkur Road, just a short 2 kilometers away. This means easy access to major road networks for travel.

Public Transport:- The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) operates buses that serve Shettigere. These buses link the locality to various parts of Bangalore, making daily commutes more manageable.

Airport:- For air travel, Kempegowda International Airport (BLR) is the closest option, located approximately 20 kilometers from Shettigere. This proximity makes traveling to and from the airport a breeze.

Metro Station:- Birla Estates Shettigere Doddajala prefer the metro, the Nagasandra Metro Station on the Green Line is roughly 10 kilometers away, offering an efficient way to navigate the city.

Airways:- Shettigere also provides access to domestic and international flights through Kempegowda International Airport, ensuring hassle-free air travel.

Job Opportunities:- Manyata Tech Park, Embassy Tech Village, and Electronic City, where numerous job opportunities await.

Nearby Places

  • Yelahanka(10 kilometers).
  • Hebbal 15 kilometers from Shettigere, this is known for its scenic lake and thriving urban life.
  • Devanahalli Located 20 kilometers it is known for its historical significance and is home to the airport.
  • Bangalore City Center to Shettigere offers a more peaceful environment, famous for shopping, dining, and entertainment. (30 km)

Investment Infrastructure

While property prices in Birla Commercial Shettigere Doddajala Bangalore have been rising, they have historically been more affordable than cities like Mumbai and Delhi. This affordability has made it an attractive option for both investors and people looking for a place to live.

Birla Shettigere Bangalore is like India's own Silicon Valley. It's packed with IT companies, startups, and tech parks. That means lots of job opportunities. Due to which the prices of property here are increasing.

Bangalore is home of top educational center and research institutes. For this reason this place is very popular for young and students.

The popularity of this place is increasing because Birla Shettigere Bangalore located nearby IT city and popular for education due to which it is transforming into a developed area and due to its economic growth it is an ideal investment for your future.

Bangalore's infrastructure, including better roads, public transportation, and metro stations, is improving on a daily basis, making this property a better option for its residents.

Birla Commercial Shettigere Doddajala is known for its diverse culture, pleasant climate and cosmopolitan lifestyle. These factors make it the preferred choice for many professionals and families. This diversity adds to the city's attractiveness and real estate appreciation potential.


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  • Restaurant & Cafes
  • Controlled Access Parking
  • 24/7 Security
  • Premium Location
  • Wi-Fi
  • Running Track
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24 X 7 Security

24 X 7 Security



100% power backup

100% power backup

CCTV surveillance

CCTV surveillance

Alarms System

Alarms System


Location Advantage

  • Kempegowda International Airport (11 mins)
  • Dodjala Lake (03 mins)
  • Dodjala Railway Station (05 mins)
  • Nadaprabhu Kempegowda Statue (11 mins)
  • Devanahalli Fort (20 mins)